Refinancing Your Mortgage

As a homeowner, refinancing your mortgage may be a good idea if you have high interest card debt and multiple loans - to take advantage of lower interest rates, tap into home equity , or consolidate debt and possibly using the interest payment that is saved to pay off your mortgage faster.

While refinancing can be highly beneficial, you need to make sure it makes financial sense for your situation. Sometimes, the costs of switching your mortgage to a new lender can outweigh the benefits of refinancing. Connect with a Sunlite Mortgage broker to understand your options and get the most out of your refinance.

Refinance Mortgage

Assessing your current financial situation, we will analyze and help you understand whether refinancing is the right choice. We’ll break down the costs and penalties of refinancing and weigh them against the benefits. Sunlite mortgage agents are experts at evaluating every detail to ensure you benefit from the process and save more in the long run, while paying or your mortgage faster or getting value for your refinancing. We will also help you understand how to borrow funds against your home equity if you are looking to buy a cottage, investment property or to renovate to increase your living space. Trust our experienced mortgage agents to find the most competitive mortgage rates and guide you through the mortgage process.

Are you considering refinancing your mortgage? Contact us before you do. We’ll advise you on the right way forward.